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Hey there y'all! I want to share my personal experience with itWorks! 


About 2 years ago my very good friend invited me to her wrap party. Not knowing what she was talking about I went to show her support. At the party I signed up as a loyal customer. My first order was the berry greens. I fell IN LOVE. So I continued ordering many different products that I still faithfully use to this day. Eating healthy, working out and using itWorks helped me to maintain and achieve my health goals!

I watched this very dear friend of mine, closely, as she worked her business from her phone and on her own time! It works eventually gave her the financial freedom to be able to quit her bartending job. 

I started thinking...if she could do it, I could do it. I am already a satisfied customer, so why not share these products with my friends and family! It was then, I decided to sign up as a distributor. 

In doing so, I now have the freedom to make extra income working from my phone, on my own time, helping my family and friends achieve their health goals and most importantly having more time to spend with my daughter. No more missing softball, basketball games, gymnastics meets or school events!

In all honestly, I wish I would've joined as a Distributor sooner. Many friendships have been made since I started and the support and encouragment I receive from my itWorks team is astounding. I am starting to pay off credit card debt and my student loans. I no longer have to worry if I will have enough money to pay for my daughter's sports or extracurricular activities. My goal is to keep moving forward to become 100% debt free! 

Do you have health goals? Do we have products that spark your interest? 

Do you have financial goals? Ever thought about becoming apart of the it Works! team?

If so, I am here to help!

Message me and let's get started.


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